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About RentalQuest

RentalQuest is a company founded with the objective of helping rental property owners unlock the potential of their properties. At the same time, the company helps guests enjoy authentic experiences that allow them to live like a local in immersive settings without sacrificing quality and service levels. We help property owners in Latin America rent their house or apartment as a short-term rental on websites like Airbnb,, and Vrbo. We manage rental operations including guest communication, housekeeping, check-in/check-out, and maintenance.

Many rental property owners want to get the best possible return from their real estate investment, but they also have very little or no time to dedicate to this activity. To do this, owners have two options: (1) rent their properties as long-term residences (the traditional way) or (2) operate their property as a short-term rental.

    1. Operating the property as a short-term rental has the potential of generating much higher rental revenues than long-term residential rent but is not as easy as it sounds. Unlocking that higher revenue potential requires a specific skillet and the use of technology tools. Also, operating the property as a short-term rental is very hard work and tales a lot of time.
    2. Long-term residential rentals have the advantage of generating consistent income. However, finding the right tenants for the property is often draining and can take a long time. This can lead to long-periods where the property is unoccupied and not generating revenue. Moreover, owners get stuck with binding contracts, and this can be very problematic if a tenant does not turn to be good one. If that happens, it’s hard to evict them and risk of non-payment and having delinquent tenants comes into play.

That’s where we come in. Many years of experience working with world-class distribution and hotel companies has given us the skills and know-how to help owners get the best return from their properties. Moreover, we do all the hard work for them so that they can really enjoy passive income.

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