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Hotel Property Management Solutions

Our suite of hotel property management solutions help hotels success in the today’s highly competitive and technology driven environment. We combine the knowledge and technology needed to acquire the right guest at the right price, at the right time, convert shoppers into bookers, and bookers into loyal returning guests. We work within the hotel’s managerial structure, operating as part of the team. We bring to the table world-class experience, advanced technology, and personalized service.

Our Services

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence service consists of understanding the commercial performance of the hotel and its competitive position through reports and performance tables. From this analysis, we derived recommendations and actions with the purpose of ensuring the commercial success of your hotel.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is the process that, through the systematic application of analytical tools, helps us to know and segment our customers and assign the right room, at the right price, at the right time, to the right customer, in order to maximize revenue of the hotel. Our “revenue management” service consists in recommending to the hotel the prices and promotions that maximize the revenue using the data from the “Business Intelligence” process described above.

Content Management

Quality content can create a competitive advantage in search engines and generate more bookings thru the hotel website. Having quality content will also improve rankings and conversion rates in online travel agencies and engage and motivate consumers to book your hotel. We conduct content quality evaluations in OTAS and hotel websites using a proprietary content evaluation system and make and implement content changes focused on conversion improvements.

Management of Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)

Your hotel has many ways to attract customers and one of them is the use of online travel agencies (OTA’s as it’s known in the hotel market). In today’s world, not making use of them deprives your hotel of a very important source of revenue despite the commissions you must pay to be affiliated with them. The Hotelquest team has years of experience in managing the commercial relationship with these agencies and will thus always seek to maximize your revenue and not let them take advantage of you. We negotiate OTA contracts, handle day to day account management, implement the revenue management strategy and manage last minute offers.

Hotel Website

A good direct strategy is key for a hotel success. Hotels should have an attractive website that communicates a unique story and value proposition. Potential guests should get excited about the hotel and its’ services when navigating the site. Additionally, the hotel website should be optimized for performance, drive traffic thru SEO and have a booking wizard designed for conversion. We have developed a state-of-the-art hotel website and booking wizard to maximize hotel direct sales.

Booking Wizard

Drive more direct bookings to optimize your revenue and achieve the right balance between OTAs and direct business. Equip your website with our conversion-driven booking wizard that can make bookings with just 3 clicks.

Channel Manager

Our channel management technology will help you showcase your property in the top distribution channels and manage your room inventory and rates in real-time.

Dedicated Advisor

You will have a dedicated advisor assisting you every step of the way. You will benefit from personalized service, local knowledge and in-depth insights about the performance of your property.

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