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Earn up to $1000 USD

in gift cards and free stays by inviting your friends and family to rent their properties as short-term rentals with our help.



We are pleased to offer RentalQuest’s family and friends a commission per referred customer, to encourage and reward sales efforts, based on the following terms and conditions:

1. Customer refers to a home, apartment or condominium owner who has been referred directly to our company and who successfully signs our contract (for the first time).

2. It is understood by referring, the effort to talk with the friend or acquaintance about our services and understand the possibility of business between RentalQuest with the referred person, in such a way that the contact with this person is not totally cold, if not, more well pre-evaluated by whoever refers.

3. The incentive for family and friends will be fifty dollars (US $ 50) (in the form of a gift card or stays) per closed new property, in a single payment.

4. The incentive payment will be made once a month, for new properties that are live and for sale in the OTAs (usually one month after the contract is signed).

5. Only one (1) person (either family member or friend) at a time may receive the incentive for “listing”, in case of doubt the criteria of the date and time the prospect was received will be used.

6. The incentive does not apply to renewals of existing clients.

7. This program begins for new contracts signed as of September 15, 2021 and ends (as the last valid date for signing new contracts) on December 31, 2022.

8. This program may be suspended at any time if RentalQuest shareholders decide that it is not meeting the desired objectives.

9. This program is not combinable with the Real Estate Developer and Broker Incentive.

10. Incentive cannot be doubled. The US $ 50 incentive is the maximum amount per property per family member or friend.