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Increase your profitability with little work and no stress

We make renting your property as a short-term rental easy and stress-free.


Short-term rental
virtual property management

Similar to our Full-Service Property Management program; we make sure your property gets maximum guests’ exposure & return on your investment. The key difference from our full-service property management is that we won´t handle the local component of the short-term rental operation. We will coordinate check-in, cleaning and maintenance using your cleaners and maintenance contacts. You will be responsible of ensuring the property is fully stocked with everything the guest needs and mange keys.

How does it work?

We find short-term guests on the internet

We handle reservations and costumer service

We coordinate with your cleaning and maintenance staff at your location

You increase your income without worries

What’s Included

Complete Listing Management

We apply our extensive hospitality distribution experience to market your property. Our team creates listings designed to stand-out in top short-term rental booking sites (Airbnb,, VRBO, etc.) Our profiles written by experienced copywriters complemented with professional photography will engage and make your customer fall-in love with the property.

Smart pricing

Earn up to 30% more with RentalQuest. We combine advanced pricing technology with sophisticated Revenue Management techniques to maximize your return on investment. Our Revenue Managers make pricing decisions daily to deliver the best possible income for your unit.

Guest Communication & Concierge Services

Excellence in Hospitality is at our core. Our hotel-trained team members handle all essential communications with guests catering to the needs of each individual traveler. We will work on exceeding guest expectations. You can relax and forget about solving problems, we will do that for you.

Coordination of Check-in & Check-out

Checking-in and checking-out guests is as crucial as providing comfortable pillows or a nice and clean apartment. A poor arrival experience can ruin a guests’ stay before it ever begins. We provide clear instructions on how to check-in and check-out to the guests and coordinate the arrival process with your local contacts. We are available to answer any questions the guest may have and to ensure check-in and check-out go well.

Coordination of Cleaning & Turnover Service

We coordinate cleanings with your local contacts. We virtually train them to follow our processes, fill our checklists, and send videos of the cleaned unit to ensure the property is ready to receive the next guests.

Maintenance Coordination

In any property, eventually something will break and cease to function. When this happens on a rental property, taking quick corrective actions is important to avoid inconveniences and guest dissatisfaction. Our hospitality experts will work with the guests and you’re local maintenance to resolve any problem that would arise. When any maintenance issues arise, you will be notified as we will take immediate action to resolve the problem.

Dedicated Advisor

No need to deal with complicated switchboards. A dedicated advisor will assist you every step of the way and ensure your needs are met. He or she will provide expert and advise, local knowledge, and performance insights about the property.

Online Performance Dashboard

We’ve built a powerful platform and put your property at the heart of it. Track your property performance our have a quick look at your key indicators.

Are you ready to make your property more profitable?

Let us help you grow your income and unlock the potential of your property.